About Us

In a world grappling with the unrestrained use of fossil fuels and a looming 50% surge in global energy demand by 2030, we, as a company, have embraced the profound need for change. Approximately 70% of global warming is linked to fossil fuel usage. Transitioning away from fossil fuel dependency involves prioritizing sustainable energy generation, storage, and consumption. Our vision is clear: to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, mitigate environmental threats, and secure a sustainable legacy. Recognizing the importance of effectively utilizing energy, we are now developing a sustainable cooling system. Global warming has increased the global temperature, thereby significantly raising the cooling load. By addressing this issue, we are illuminating a cleaner, more sustainable world for all.

What Do We Do ?

Kinowave is committed to developing highly efficient Indirect evaporative cooling systems that are cost-effective. Our human resources and technology will create superior products and services in cooling technology, thereby contributing to meeting the growing cooling needs. We also support the government, locals, and communities through our highly adaptable and affordable technology that leads to a self-sustaining future.

Why Efficient Cooling ?

About one-seventh of the global population suffers from extreme heat and lacks access to adequate cooling. While the need for cooling is growing, cooling currently accounts for around 10% of global electricity demand, with hotter countries experiencing a summer increase of over 50%. In the hottest regions, cooling can account for over 70% of peak electricity demand. The existing cooling solutions are either energy-intensive or unaffordable. This realization has ignited our pursuit of developing sustainable cooling solutions.